The Power to Decide

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The Power to Decide

It’s been two years since the world changed. It was mid-March of 2020 when everything was shut down. Two years later, we’re still dealing with the consequences of those decisions. We may not have had the power to make those decisions, but we had the power to make our own. The power to decide, to make decisions is one of the greatest powers we have. Decisions control our destiny. More specifically, there are three decisions we make that we all make either consciously or unconsciously. These are what I want to look at today.

1)     What do we focus on?

What we focus on can make us feel better or worse in any situation. Sadly, in difficult times, most people focus on fear. They play out the worst-case scenario in their heads and get stuck there. One of my mentors, Tony Robbins has said, “Where focus goes, energy flows.” What if instead of focusing on what could go wrong, you started focusing on what could go right? What if you asked, “how can I learn from this situation?” What if you spent more time focusing on the things you were grateful for in your life rather than the things you fear?

2)     What is the meaning of this?

When things happen, we get to decide what it means. I teach my clients that one of the keys to success is to learn to love your problems. With each problem, it offers you a chance to grow and a chance to find a better solution. Learn to take any experience and make it work for you. I know several restaurant owners who shut down during the covid lockdowns. They chose fear and focusing on problems rather than on solutions. Those who prospered created new ways to do more efficient take-out service and on making the customers feel safe and still able to enjoy their service. Focus on creating something that empowers you and go out and make that happen.

3)     How are we going to respond?

It’s never about what happens to us. It’s always about how we respond to it. We don’t get to decide when something happens to us, but we do get to decide the meaning of it, and what we’re going to do. When someone cuts us off in traffic, we can get angry and let it ruin our day. (Yes, I’ve had this happen) Or we can be grateful that we’re not in as much of a hurry as they were. Perhaps they have a good reason, such as an emergency. We don’t really know, so we get to assign the meaning, and we respond. Why not respond in a way that makes us feel better and doesn’t spoil our day?

Let’s choose to make the right decisions when it comes to these three areas. What if we were to choose gratitude, joy, and thankfulness instead of fear, frustration, or anger? Even the smallest decisions can make a huge difference in how we live our lives. Choose wisely, my friends!

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