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Let's investigate what you truly want, and more importantly, what you don't want.

By diving deep into your desires and identifying the things that bring you joy and fulfillment, we can create a roadmap for your ideal life.

Throughout this empowering process, we'll not only explore your deepest aspirations and dreams but also delve into the core values and beliefs that shape who you are.

Together, we'll put this plan into action, dedicating each week to taking concrete steps toward your goals. 

Through our journey, we'll uncover your true goals, unlock your inner motivation, build your confidence, and equip you with the necessary skills to live a life by your own design.

It's time to take the first step towards a brighter future. 

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Empowering You to Thrive with Individual & Group Coaching for Personal Growth and Success

Individual Coaching

This is a personalized approach to coaching sessions which involves tailoring the coaching experience to meet the specific needs, goals, and preferences of each individual. It focuses on understanding the unique strengths, challenges, and circumstances of the individual and designing a coaching plan that aligns with their aspirations. This approach involves active listening, asking insightful questions, providing customized feedback, and offering guidance and support that is relevant and meaningful to a person’s growth and development.

Group Coaching
Attending group coaching offers several benefits that can enhance your personal and professional growth. Firstly, being part of a group provides a supportive and collaborative environment where you can learn from others’ experiences and perspectives. It allows you to gain diverse insights and solutions to common challenges. Additionally, group coaching typically offers a more cost-effective option compared to one-on-one coaching, making it accessible to a wider audience. Lastly, group coaching fosters accountability and motivation as you work towards your goals alongside like-minded individuals, encouraging continuous progress and development.

One thing I’ve learned is that highly motivated people always find a way to tackle the challenges in the most creative, flexible, & meaningful ways.

Have you ever been frustrated with the direction that your life was going in?

I have been there too. I was working as a successful investigator, and a licensed private investigator for over 20 years. That is where I learned a lot about psychology, specifically the psychology of what makes people do the things they do. While all this has helped me do my job and excel, there has always been something missing.

As a coach, I have found my mission to help others to move forward in their lives and go after the things they’ve always wanted.

Coaching Methodology, Philosophy & Approach

Unleashing Your Potential through Strengths-Based Coaching!

Strengths Assessment
People on the mountain

#1 Strengths Assessment

We’ll identify your unique strengths, talents, and passions to unleash your full potential and create a fulfilling life.

Leveraging Strengths
Professional man celebrating victory

#2 Leveraging Strengths

Help clients recognize and leverage their strengths to maximize their potential, boost confidence, and achieve success.

Goal Alignment
Happy elderly couple

#3 Goal Alignment

Align clients’ goals and aspirations with their strengths, ensuring that they are pursuing paths that resonate with their innate abilities.

Positive Reinforcement
Positive Reinforcement

#4 Positive Reinforcement

Provide positive reinforcement and acknowledgment of clients’ progress and achievements to build motivation and self-belief.

Development Planning
Two men reviewing a presentation

#5 Development Planning

Collaborate on development plans that focus on enhancing strengths, addressing weaknesses, and fostering growth in relevant areas.

Mindset Shifts
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#6 Mindset Shifts

Help clients overcome limiting beliefs and develop a growth mindset, encouraging them to embrace challenges and see failures as learning opportunities.

Supportive Accountability
Woman with outstretched arms

#7 Supportive Accountability

Provide support, encouragement, and accountability to help clients stay committed to their goals and maintain momentum.

Celebrating Wins
Man looking at a sunset

#8 Celebrating Wins

Celebrate milestones and successes, no matter how small, to acknowledge clients’ progress and boost their confidence.

Your Steps to Success

Coach Session Expectations

If you choose to have coaching with me, we will work on getting clarity in these areas.

If you’re having a challenge, figuring out what you want to do, making a decision, setting a goal, or just getting that clarity, in the coaching session I’ll help you discover what those things are and give your support to take action.

You will do all this is a safe space where you feel safe, validated, understood, and have someone to walk along side of you as you do this.

You will leave the session with clarity and a sense of possibility that you can achieve the things you want to achieve, and see things that perhaps you had not seen before.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative and goal-oriented process that involves supporting individuals or groups in achieving their desired outcomes. Coaches help clients identify their strengths, clarify their goals, and develop strategies and action plans to reach those goals. Coaching focuses on empowering individuals to maximize their potential, make positive changes, and enhance their personal and professional lives.

How is coaching different from therapy or counseling?

While coaching and therapy share some similarities, they have distinct differences. Therapy typically focuses on addressing and healing emotional, psychological, and mental health issues, while coaching is future-focused and aims to help individuals achieve specific goals and maximize their potential. Therapy often delves into a person’s past to explore and resolve past traumas or unresolved issues, whereas coaching primarily focuses on the present and future, providing guidance and support for personal and professional development.

How much does coaching cost?

The cost of coaching can vary depending on several factors. Coaching fees can be structured in different ways, including hourly rates, package rates, or monthly retainers. Hourly rates can be anywhere from $200 to $500 per session for one on one coaching. Packages are much more cost effective and are based upon a term of 90 days, or 6 months. Remember that coaching is an investment in your personal or professional development, and the value you receive should outweigh the financial cost.

How long does coaching typically last?

The duration of coaching can vary depending on the client’s goals, needs, and preferences. Coaching engagements can range from a few weeks to several months or even longer, depending on the complexity of the desired outcomes. It’s common to have regular coaching sessions scheduled weekly, biweekly, or monthly, with each session lasting around 60 minutes. The duration and frequency of coaching can be determined through mutual agreement between the coach and the client.

How is coaching different from training or consulting?

Coaching emphasizes self-discovery and personal growth, training focuses on skill development, and consulting provides expert advice and solutions. While all three approaches have their unique benefits, coaching stands out by empowering individuals to tap into their own potential and find sustainable solutions.

Why is coaching becoming so popular?

In a world where personal growth and self-improvement are valued, coaching offers a unique and effective approach to unlocking potential, achieving goals, and finding fulfillment. Its personalized nature, focus on empowerment, and track record of positive outcomes make coaching an increasingly popular choice for those seeking meaningful and transformative change.