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Tony Wechsler

Experience the power of Tony Wechsler, a Speaker, Trainer, and Coach who will ignite your potential. 

For two decades, Tony honed his skills as an investigator, (YES, he still holds a prestigious NYS Private Investigators License). He's also ventured into entrepreneurship, leaving his mark as a successful business owner, disc jockey and a musician.

But Tony's impact doesn't stop there. He goes beyond the stage and the studio, spreading positivity through his acclaimed podcast, "Strive to Thrive - The Purposely Positive Podcast." 

In 2020, Tony took his passion to the next level by founding Tony W Coaching. His mission? To change 100,000 lives this year. Are you ready to be one of them? Contact Tony Wechsler and embark on a journey towards a more fulfilling life today. 

You’ll be inspired as well as entertained in the process.

Tony is a captivating story teller, whether it be sharing stories from his days as an investigator, or his own story of his path as an entrepreneur, he takes you on a journey in a style compared to Tony Robbins meets Robin Williams. 

I’m Tony Wechsler. I’m a speaker, trainer, and coach, and I truly want you to succeed and feel that satisfaction from finally having the life you desire.

Personal Growth & Self-Development

Coaching can help identify your strengths, values, and passions, enabling you to make positive changes in your personal and professional life.


Goal Achievement & Success

Another transformation people seek through coaching is the ability to set and achieve meaningful goals. Whether it’s advancing in their careers, starting a business, improving time management, or achieving work-life balance, coaching can provide guidance, accountability, and strategies to help individuals clarify their goals and take concrete steps towards achieving them.

Coaches can support you in identifying obstacles, creating action plans, and maintaining motivation to reach you desired outcomes.

Stress Management & Well-being

In our fast-paced and demanding world, many individuals seek coaching to manage stress and enhance their overall well-being. You may be struggling with work-related stress, relationship challenges, or a lack of balance in life.

Through coaching, individuals can gain a greater sense of fulfillment, balance, and overall happiness in their lives.

Presentations that Teach & Inspire

High-Impact Speaking, a highly interactive presentation that incorporates scenario-based learning, exercises, and role-plays.

Tony speaks on the importance of knowing your truth, and how decisions can impact your life. He discusses what he refers to as the “Three D Model” for success (Desire – Decision – Determination).

Tony can speak to sales people on the topics of negotiations, persuasion and influence. For business leaders, Tony offers topics on productivity and time management, as well as Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Your ultimate source for uplifting content in a world overwhelmed by negativity.

Join us on a transformative journey as we explore captivating interviews on personal development, health and wellness, and strategies to foster a positive and thriving existence.

Gain valuable insights, practical tips, and inspiring stories from experts and thought leaders who are making a difference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a keynote speaker?

A keynote speaker is a professional presenter who delivers a keynote address or speech at conferences, events, or corporate gatherings. Keynote speakers are selected to inspire, educate, and engage the audience with their insights, expertise, and captivating presentations.

Why should I hire a keynote speaker for my event?

Hiring a keynote speaker can bring numerous benefits to your event. Keynote speakers provide fresh perspectives, and thought-provoking content that can captivate and motivate the audience. They often possess a wealth of knowledge and experiences that can inspire attendees, spark meaningful conversations, and leave a lasting impact. Keynote speakers can also help set the tone for the event, generate excitement, and enhance overall attendee satisfaction.

How far in advance should I book a keynote speaker?

It’s advisable to book a keynote speaker as early as possible. In-demand speakers often have busy schedules and may be booked months in advance. Aim to secure a speaker at least three to six months before your event to have a wider range of options and ensure availability.

What information does a keynote speaker need from me as the event organizer?

Keynote speakers typically require specific details about the event to tailor their presentation and meet your objectives. Provide them with information such as the event theme, target audience, event schedule, expected duration of the keynote, technical requirements (e.g., AV equipment), and any other relevant logistical details. Sharing the event’s goals, desired outcomes, and specific messaging you want the speaker to emphasize will help them create a customized and impactful presentation.

How much does it cost to hire a keynote speaker?

The cost of hiring a keynote speaker can vary significantly depending on factors such as their expertise, experience, reputation, demand, and the duration of their presentation. Keynote speaker fees can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars or more. Additionally, travel expenses and accommodation may need to be considered. It’s important to discuss fees and any additional costs upfront during the negotiation process to ensure a clear understanding of the financial investment required.

What makes a great keynote speech?

A great keynote speech is one that captivates the audience, delivers valuable insights, and leaves a lasting impact. It combines engaging storytelling, thought-provoking content, and actionable takeaways.